The Wrestless Pen

a pen that can never be taken away


Poems on Paper

Poem on paper is a collection of poems I’ve written on paper, but not on any special ones. The poems I wrote are written on tissues, receipts, or any kind of clean paper one might think of as not important. If my poems are found, then I have made that worthless piece of paper worth something else.

Elements of Emotions


I have seen emotions in the world,
some will heal while others might wound.
Now, these emotions I have watched,
as well as the people they continue to latch.

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Haiku – The Wind


Like the flowing wind.
I free myself of burdens
and fly around you..

Ang Huling Paalam

20160102_205856Aking mahal, kamusta?
Matagal din tayo di nagkita.
Sana ikaw ay ayos na,
sana’y mga ngiti ay maliwanag pa.

Matagal din tayo nagkalayo.
Nung ako’y iwan mo at ika’y iwan ko.
Ni minsan ay di naalis sa isip ko
ang makita ka at makita mo uli ako. Continue reading “Ang Huling Paalam”

I Would Have Loved You

I would have loved you
Even if you go
Even if you left me for good

I would have loved you
Even if you cry
I would’ve made you smile Continue reading “I Would Have Loved You”


There’s always another side of a coin

Do you remember
the times we were together?
We used to sit and talk,
laughed at the funny movies we used to watch.

We used to sit together and eat,
talking about our day’s happening.
We would reminisce about the past
as we sit around and view the city lights.
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A coin will always have two sides..

Nakatayo lang sa isang tabi,
Nakatingin ngunit iba ang nakikita.
Ano pa nga ba ang silbi
Kung ang hinahanap mo pa rin ay siya?
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