It’s been a while, and I ought to update the things you should know about me.

First off, I LOVE BOOKS and I LOVE TO READ. I’ve been reading books since I started to learn how to, and enjoyed it that I wanted to create my own stories. Naniniwala rin ako na isa akong makata. A poet. Nagsimula ang pag susulat ko sa mga tula. Mga tula sa mga resibo, sa mga tissue, hanggang sa naisipan ko bumili ng notebook at ilipat dun ang mga naisulat na. Para naman hindi mukhang basurahan yung bag ko sa dami ng resibo.

Kung nagulat ka na bigla ako nag tagalog, don’t worry. I’ll go back to english, eventually. I like to keep things interesting and to make that happen, kailangan taglish. Para mas maintindihan mo, at para mas maintindihan ko.

I am a daydreamer. I dream when I’m awake. I dream of dreams I already had, I dream the impossible dreams too. And I make sure to jot those dreams down in a checklist, to make sure I fulfilled them.

About this BLOG

This blog is mostly the result of a restless pen, caused by a restless mind that cannot be wrested away from me. This blog is a log of thoughts, opinions, tips and struggestions (strategies and suggestions, if you’re wondering), and anything else under the moon (who would want to stand under the sun to ponder on the meaning of life?).

This blog is known as Wildcard before, but I decided to change it to the name you see now. Why the change? Why not? Wildcard, in any card game, is known as a replacement to any missing card. To a card currently needed by someone. At first I wanted this blog to be a replacement to others. But now, I wanted this blog to make a mark. To be better. Isang blog na maipagmamalaki ko.

If to wrest is too pull away, or taken forcibly, then wrestless is to unable to pull or take. Therefore, Wrestless Pen is a pen that cannot be pulled or taken away.

I am a writer. I am a daydreamer. At times, I am a wildcard. At times, I am the ace. I am like a pen, able to get my ideas, thoughts, opinions to the public. And like the name of this blog, I cannot be wrested away from writing.