I have seen emotions in the world,
some will heal while others might wound.
Now, these emotions I have watched,
as well as the people they continue to latch.

Take fair wind, strong and airy,
they’ll make you laugh, remove your weary.
They are young, they are wild, they are free,
but that is all your eyes can see.

Take water now, flexible and slow,
they were always so down, with furrowed brow.
But do not take them for granted,
for if you do, you’ll find yourself wasted.

Now see fire, the fiery one.
Full of explosiveness, energy, they cannot be alone.
For when he is alone and in misery,
they will rage on, burning, until they are free.

The earth, a strong supporting wall.
They re there to catch you when you fall.
Strong they may be, they are not without flaw,
when the weight is too much, they crumble and fall.

So you see, though emotions are here,
they are strong, they are fluid, there are things they can’t bear.
Though the elements are strong, they do have a flaw,
they can be destroyed they can be altered, they can also break and fall.