It’s been a while since I last posted, and it’s been years since I last posted before that, and I apologize. It’s been one heck of a mind wreck for me in the past few years. I’ve been writing a series of short stories for over 6 years already (I finished the first few ones on the first two years, rested for two, and started again two years ago) and I’m happy to say I’m almost done. My deadline though is a few days from now (October 31 to be exact, but I want to finish on the thirtieth.) That’s why it’s been a mind wreck for me. Anyway, enough about that. This is my rest time. After this time, it’s back to the drawing board. (Or the writing board. Writing table? The document?)

Since I’m already on the topic of writing a story, let me tell you how to write your own. Though I’m not sure if I’m the right person to do so as I’ve never even been published, it’ll be nice to know what an author thinks about during the writing process.

One misconception about writing a novel is thinking that you’re writing a novel. It’s not. You’re suppose to be telling a story through writing. Authors are not just authors; they’re story tellers as well. They tell stories drawn from their imaginations and spurred on by their desire to let others experience what they have imagined. The question though is how do you tell your story?

How to tell your story

Telling a story depends on how you imagined them. It can be character driven or event driven. Character driven stories are, as it is properly labeled, all about the character. What kind of person he is, what he did, what he said, what his decisions are. This kind of stories starts with who the main characters are. An example would be Twilight. It was Bella’s decision to go to Forks. It was Edward’s nature that he piqued Bella’s interest. It was Bella’s decision to cut herself to to distract Victoria. The story is driven by what the character’s wants, their actions, not what the story wants them to do.

Event driven is the opposite. Characters move, act, speak, make decisions because of the things happening around them. It’s a lot more like cause and effect. If this happens, that will happen. If that happens, this will happen. An example would be Harry Potter. It was because Lily became a witch that Petunia hated her. It was because Lord Voldemort killed Harry’s parents that he had to live with his aunt and uncle. It was because he survived the killing curse Voldemort used on him and rebounded back to Voldemort that Harry is famous. If this things didn’t happen, he would just be an ordinary wizard boy. If his parents weren’t killed, he has a family. If Voldemort didn’t try to kill him, Voldemort won’t be defeated and Harry won’t be famous. There won’t be a story.

Of course, each story is affected by the other. If Harry held a grudge against his aunt and uncle then learning he’s a wizard, he could be the next dark lord. If Bella turned out to be a coward, she wouldn’t dare investigate what Edward is. Or if she did, she’ll probably run away from him. There won’t be a story. Or it’ll be a different story all together. It’s just divided like that because that’s how the story tellers came up with their stories.

There are those stories though that only moves because it is both character and event driven. I’ll call it the dual event driven. It goes something like this: if in the story there is an event, but the character is not motivated or do not have the talent, skills, or it’s not in his character to do something about it, there’s no story. If the story has a character that has great skills, is motivated and it is in his character to do something about a certain event but that event doesn’t come, there’s no story. The character and the event must be in sync to have a story.

Take Hunger Games. There is an event: the  Hunger Games. Prim gets picked as the tribute. If Katniss doesn’t volunteer in place of her sister, there’s no story. There could be, but it’s about Prim. And we all know how Prim is, she’s not a fighter. No story. If this time, there is no event. Prim doesn’t get picked. Katniss doesn’t get picked and another unknown girl would be picked. Since Katniss doesn’t need to volunteer, it’ll be unknown girl’s story, and we won’t know anything about Katniss, and she’ll be just some girl in District 12.

Well, that’s about it. This is just some random thoughts and, well, this is what’s on top of my head. I’ll write a post again. Maybe after I finish the short story, or when a new random thought floats to my mind, it depends. Until next  time.