*Note: This will be my first and last post about politics, unless kulangin ako or maisip ko na mas maganda tong post na to pag hinati. Kindly bear with me.

*Note: This is just an opinion. I don’t really care if I am bashed, blocked, or even put to jail. Every individual has the right to state their opinion and I am entitled to that right as well.

The 2016 elections is near, and many politicians are currently doing their rounds, visiting city after city, town after town, time and time again just to make sure they have the people’s votes. They haven’t yet shared their plans on how to improve the Filipinos’ lives, and how to improve the country as of writing, but I believe it’s coming. To me, a person, more accurately a politician, who cares about his country is better than someone who only cares about their appearance.

Now that the campaigns are about to start, or are actually starting with us, the voters, not yet realizing, things are getting hectic and chaotic. We are now starting to see and hear campaign ads and we can’t do anything about it. There are already news bites and bits about candidates helping somewhere, a community, so suddenly. Something out of character; something they didn’t do before. Things are starting to turn for the good, the bad and the ugly, and we are the witnesses.


Good things have come afoot. Those who are running for positions are now starting to care again for the people. They are now, as they have done before, thought of the Filipino people. Their needs, their wants. Candidates are now wooing everyone, courting each and everyone of us. They think of us as they prepare their platforms, their plans for the country. And that’s good. They suddenly help a community in their district, suddenly gives attention to the things, the problems we’ve been shouting at them for over the years. They can suddenly hear the voices they’ve shunned. Voices they’ve shut out for over the years. Or just ignored. Finally, they are listening. Question is, for how long?

Politicians promise us the things we need. Need work? They promise that. Need houses? They promise that too. Safety, low cost of medicine, food, a better life. The things we are looking for. The things we need. It’s nice to be thought about, isn’t it? To be considered when they plan on how to improve the country. To be seek out and asked our opinions. To hear our voices. To see what we see and feel what we feel. And say that we can depend on them. Nice, right? Until things go from the good to the bad.


If there’s something good, there’s something bad. And that’s something we can’t do without. While one candidate is doing their best to make themselves look good, someone else tries to make them look bad. Here, the voters discover the not so good things the candidates have hid from us. Those hush-hush things they tried covering up. Of course, not all things covered stays covered. Not in the political world anyway. There will be something, anything, that other politicians will say about their competitors to make ’em look bad. And we sometimes couldn’t help believing them after all, they do have proof. Question is, how much of those proofs are true? That’s when things get ugly. But we’ll go into that later. On another note though, not all things covered are bad. But if they are good, why cover them up?

There is only one truth. But sometimes, the truth can become a lie, and a lie become the truth. The truth can lead to a lie and a lie, I don’t know. Could it lead to the truth? Maybe, but I don’t think so. Think about it: if a lie can lead to the truth, would you believe that truth to be true? Evidence and proofs can be fabricated, faked, planted. We can never tell which is the truth, until it’s too late. Even if we investigate, even if we question them, we only get two kinds of answers: a beautiful lie, or a vague answer. Take your pick. This time, we the voters are torn. Do we believe that our favorite candidates are lying, or we stick by them and hope for the best? And then we ask ourselves, who can we trust?


Yeah, trust is one of the greatest issue during election. How can you trust someone who hugs street children on one side then hand sanitize their entire body the next? This is an exaggeration by the way, and I haven’t seen or heard about a politician doing this, but the thought counts. Trust, the best thing to obtain, is the worst one to lose. Imagine if no one trusted you anymore even when you’re finally telling the truth? (Old children stories anyone?)

Things get ugly as soon as the bad things starts. If a candidate accuses someone of doing something wrong, they retort by saying worse things about that candidate. Why do they have to do that? Why couldn’t they just defend themselves normally, show that they are not like that at all based on their past performances? In sports or in strategy games, they always say that the best offence is a great defence (or something in that direction). It seems in politics, the best offence is a great offend. They consider themselves to win when they’ve offended another so bad they couldn’t retort back. It’s sad that politicians would rather belittle someone else rather than make sure they get the voters’ trust. Be better candidates, make sure their promises are kept, and that they don’t lie to themselves and to the nation. To our country. And do they have to retort to calling names like little 5 year olds? Couldn’t they just play a game of chess or game of the generals? Couldn’t they just fight it off on Tekken or NBA2K16?

When you think about it, most politicians would rather make themselves look good rather than be good. It’s better to be one than look like one, right?

I was asked once in an online job interview, who do I think should be the next president of the Philippines. This is my answer:

I believe the next president could be anyone, as long as they genuinely care for the Filipinos and the Philippines, developing and improving the country and the lives of the people living in it.

Just think about this. Until the candidates state their plans. Until the elections.