There’s always another side of a coin

Do you remember
the times we were together?
We used to sit and talk,
laughed at the funny movies we used to watch.

We used to sit together and eat,
talking about our day’s happening.
We would reminisce about the past
as we sit around and view the city lights.

We go to the mall, the two of us,
watching movies, eating our lunch.
I used to ask you if we could go bowling,
but as always, you couldn’t.

You were sick then, you have an injury that never healed.
But it didn’t prevent us from having fun.
It has always been only the two of us.
I always wanted to be alone with you.

I would always cherish the memories we have.
The times we laughed, the times we cried.
The times we sat and talked,
the times we thought we’ll be happy for a long time.

But you left. You left me alone.
Left me fending for myself.
I might have took you for granted,
but I am now regretting.

Everyday I wish to take back time,
to return to the times we were together,
the time when you were still here.
To let you know I love you.

Despite the all that happened to us,
all those misunderstandings,
all those sorrowful nights,
I want you to know I’m always here.

We use to brave the loneliness alone,
then we braved them together.
And when you left, you left me wounded.
You were gone years too early.

Couldn’t you have waited?
Waited for me to mature, to learn.
Learn how to live my life.
Learn to love life.

It’s been a long time since you left,
and yet I still remember you clearly,
missed you everyday dearly.
And I wished you could have stayed.

Now, I try to brave the days alone.
But I know you’ll always be there,
encouraging in your own way,
rooting for me to the my best.

Ever since you’ve been gone,
I know somehow you stayed.
I know you’re there when I need you.
And I thank you.

For everything.