I’ve been asking that question for a long time now, ever since I started to love writing, 10-13 years ago. I know I love what I’m doing, I love writing! But a curious child will forever be curious until his curiosity is answered. And Like that child, I cannot stand the idea of writing without any wants, any needs, but just loving it. I think this might be the way to discover myself, discover why I write, discover why I love to write, discover why I wrote what ever I have already written. This is kind of my story.

When I started

I started to write creatively when I was about 11-13. Those were the times I feel lonely the most. The times I felt alone. At school one day, we were asked to buy a composition notebook to write our assigned essays in Filipino (essays were my favourite tests because it’s always easier for me. I didn’t know I was actually seeing what I’m capable of). On a whim, I bought two: one for the school while the other, for personal use I always keep inside my drawer at home.

I tried to talk to the composition notebook; you know, like one does when writing on a diary or a journal, but I couldn’t. I kept coming on empty, but I started to write something; a phrase that starts my entry. And then I thought, it kinda looks cool if the next phrase rhymes. So I started composing my entry in phrases, always rhyming. I was starting to write poem, and that was my first journal entry. (I lost the composition book though. :P)

After that, I decided to write poems, writing my day to day life in verses, phrases, and rhymes; in metaphors too. Every night, I would sit in front of the TV watching news, pen in hand and my composition notebook in front of me, writing another poem.

Why I continued

I continued writing in my composition book and when I found myself at school, inspiration to write dawning on me, I figured I have to move on from the composition book. I bought a notebook to use, this time I kept it in my bag. Writing endless pages of poems, of stories in poems. I learned that I could express myself better in writing; both in school work and during personal moments. I continued to write in my notebook because, as I have learned, I can express myself better. That I could tell stories, my stories, in a different way effective for me. I started staying in the library of the school; to write on my notebook. And then, I discovered my love for reading. (Sadly, I already lost that notebook.)

Reading made me discover whole new worlds inside a single building, a single place. I learned to let go of the reality and dive into fantasies, far better than the reality I left. I started living in a fantasy, and then, I started to create another world of fantasy: inside my mind.

I started to create a world where I can become whomever I wanted to be: a thief, a magician, a talking animal, a ninja, I learned how powerful one’s imagination is. I became sort of a day dreamer. Walking inside the school, always imagining that behind every corner is an assassin, a mage, or a ferocious beast ready to attack, to pounce. Once when I was young, I tried to write my own story based on a video game’s characters. It was weird reading it today, it was too immature. And yet that was how I learned I wanted to write stories, novels, or even short stories is enough. As long as I could write those stories, I’m satisfied.

So, Why do I Write?

Simple: Because I want to create stories. Stories wherein I could live without worries. Stories that when read, will make the reader want what the characters want. I write because it gives me the freedom to do the things I want to or cannot do through the characters in the stories. I write because I can show who I really am through the characters with out anyone knowing but me. And of course, because this is what I love.

I’m not sure I’m a good writer. Until now, I doubt myself. And yet I cannot stay away from it because I know this is what I want, what I need. This might sound like it’s supposed to be a post at the start of a blog, when I was still starting. But for me, this is the right time. I needed this, to make sure I know why I write. Doing something you love will make all the difference. When you’re at your seat, typing away on a laptop, writing your next great adventure, you’ll feel all the thrills, the excitement, the danger, and don’t forget the love, your characters feel.