No, it’s not actually easy to write 1,667 words a day. Some of you guys might actually know what I’m talking about. To those of you who don’t, I’m talking about NaNoWriMo.

National Novel Writing Month or commonly known as NaNoWriMo is a writing challenge to aspiring novelists to write a 50,000 word novel in a month. It might look like easy for those who were already writing for NaNoWriMo but for some of us who are only begining to venture into novel writing, it’s not easy. And I think it depends on the writing style of the person.

Writing Style

Writing style is not how a writer’s writing look like. That’s penmanship. Writing style is more like how a writer tells his story. Does he tell it in a fun way, full of expressions, emotions and gestures? Or in a strict way, completely bookish, not much emotions or gestures? Does he write it straight and then cut it into chapters? Or create stories in each chapter to make it into a whole?

Writing styles vary form writer to writer. And one way to see the different styles of writing is to read NaNoWriMo Novels or even Wattpad Novels. There’s a lot of varying writing styles in both of these!

Getting Story Ideas

One of the main challenges of writing novels, especially with a time period like NaNoWriMo. Some writers would take one idea and another and play with those ideas, combining them and adding appropriate ideas to make the stories better. Others would write what they feel like writing, getting inspirations from different sources like their favorite songs, or past experiences, some would take their favorite manga or comics and write a story with the same genre.

Writing, whether an essay or a novel, an article or a short story is never easy. Some might say that it is, and I’ve seen a NaNoWriMoers who have reached thousands of words already, meeting the required words per day to prove it. But it only proves the it is possible but not easy. It actually takes patience and dedication to reach the 1,667 word per day mark.

Right now, I am under the NaNoWriMo challenge and at day 18, it’s a bit embarrassing to say that I’ve only reached below 10,000 words. But I continue writing. But not for NaNoWriMo anymore, but for myself. That I could finished the novel I passionately started. After I finish, I might post it here or somewhere else, or it might remain in my storage for someone to find.

I will continue to write. Not 1,667 a day, but slowly, or on my own pace, whichever is better for me. Maybe next year, I could try the challenge again, writing 1,667 words per day, 50,000 words a month.