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Truth be told, it’s not easy to write something when you don’t seem to be in the mood. Ideas become jumbled, words that you type doesn’t come out right, you have a  tough time continuing your current write up, and then, you finally stop. Because you feel like you’re not really saying anything. You, at first, feels like there’s something to say. Then, when you’re at it, preparing yourself in front of your computer, paper, or phone, BOOM!! There’s nothing to write. At all. So what do you write when you don’t have anything to write about?

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The Journal

Yes, the simplest way to find out what to write is writing on a journal. Why? Well for one thing, it’s not a way to exercise your writing skills. For me anyways. I think it’s better off as a storage of ideas. You know, when you write about your daily life (much like a diary), or simply rant about that prof who kept calling out your name to recite, or just simple thoughts and ideas that comes to mind. You can write them in your journal. Eventually, You will writing about something of interest. Expound that idea, and then write about it more. You now have something to write.

Another reason for writing a journal is you’ll be able to learn from the best person who can teach you: yourself. Think about it, you experienced something not so good last week, you wrote about it in your journal, you even get a topic out of it to expound on, and then you can review it. And from there, you learn.

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from http://www.colourbox.com

Reading Newspapers, Magazines and the Internet

Newspapers and magazine have their own collection of articles, stories, and news. But that’s not all. The internet is a world wide web of news, articles, happenings, and ideas to choose from. And from there, you can write your own stories, articles and news. You can either expound on a subject matter presented in a magazine, or you can have your opinion on a certain news article regarding the status of our country. The list is endless, as long as you know you want to write.

When I was studying, we were taught of an exercise regarding this. We were instructed to read newspapers daily. We have to read every section of it, especially the news section, and then choose an article we want. We then have to rewrite that article using our own writing style (this was hard for me as my writing style is leaning more on the feature side than the news side) with out compromising details. We would need to create an article of our own based only on the sample article we have. If you don’t have anything to write, why not look for news articles, features, or reviews that piqued your interest, and write something about it. Make your own review, write you own opinion, create you own news article, heck if you have the resources and time, make you own news letter. Or your own online magazine. Have your own team and publish it online.

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Look at pictures, not the news itself.

Before, they say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Now, I think a picture is worth a thousand kilobytes or more, if you know I mean. A scene from a movie, a still image you saw of a concert, an image on a cellphone, even a selfie might be able to convey a thousand words, more or less, with enough imagination, you’ll probably be able to get a story from a single image. According to an article,

Photography is a fantastic story-telling medium. Whether you’re telling a story with one image, a sequence, a series, or an entire portfolio, the possiblities are endless. Just ask yourself what story you want to tell, and photography can get you there. – (54 Reasons Why YOU Should Be A Photographer)

That’s why some articles has photos in them. To better tell a story.

Just walk around. But most importantly, listen.

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from kgen2001.wordpress.com

Yeap, walking around will help you think more clearly, rather than just sitting around in front of your computer. You’ll eventually tempted to go to Facebook or watch Youtube videos instead of writing. Actually, that’s not really a bad idea. When you think about it, Facebook is a kind of a collection of stories from different people, all around the world. From people you know, to celebrities, to complete strangers. Facebook has all those stories to share. But don’t just copy and paste and the stories you see. You can open up your write up talking about the subject that interested you but that’s it. Give you own opinion. And then, just let the ideas flow.

Back to walking around. Don’t just walk around aimlessly though. Have a destination. But take care on going to it. The journey is more important. For example, the mall. After you got in the mall, it’s noisy. But not just from the mall music, or the busy streets outside, but from the people talking inside as well. You can get snippets of what they are talking about. Listen well. You might lose an important topic of interest.

Another way of looking for something to write in the mall is looking at their products. You see a new restaurant or a kiosk for a new brand of food, why not try it out? After trying it out, review it when you get back home. There. You have something to write about.

Look at the world

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from http://www.dw.de

The world has many stories to tell. From small gossips to the biggest news. From feature articles, news articles, opinions, business, entertainment, heck, even a comic strip you found and read has its own story to tell. You just need to listen.

How about you? What do you write when you don’t have anything to write?

*Note: I was actually thinking that there’s nothing to write when I was writing this. It’s been a while since I wrote something and it kinda frustrated me.