why-we-wrote-letters-to-santa-dear-santa“Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas this year is….”

How many times have we written this words when we were kids? How many times have we wrote letters to Santa? How much time have we spent on wishing for material things from Santa? I’m sure, most of us would answer that they wrote every Christmas when they were kids. But Why did we wrote letters to Santa? Is it just to ask for gifts? Is there something more than that?There’s nothing wrong with writing letters to Santa. It kinda reminds us how to make a wish, and teaches us to ask politely. And truth be told, writing letters to why-we-wrote-letters-to-santa-envelopeSanta taught us to dream and hope at a young age. You know- when you hope that Santa will bring you presents for being good, and wishing for something you truly want. Really. Going back to basics, all we need to do is hope that everything will go our own way, and wish for the things we want most. Oh and of course, to work hard for those wishes come true; like being nice the whole year round. At a young age, we learned the values we ought to know when we become teens, or even adults; that we need to work hard for the things we want. Still, the question remains: Why did we wrote letters to Santa?

The KID’s reasoning

Is that because they want something that they can’t get any other way than asking it from Santa. That’s what I think though. Kids ask for things they or their parents can’t afford. Some also ask for things not yet available. A new toy that’s coming out after new year, a new gadget, new clothes, just so that the kid can be the first to have it all. To have “bragging rights” that he’s the first to have this and that. And while that kid is bragging, other kids wish for different things. While kids ask for the typical things of Santa (like the bragging kid) — toys, electronics, pets — others will also ask for things like happiness in a family, or a mother, brother, father or sister to make it home for Christmas, a brother or a sister to add in the family, and sometimes, a kid wishes for a complete family. It never hurts to wish you know?

why-we-wrote-letters-to-santa-mail-boxOTHER’s reasoning

For others, writing letters to Santa means that we are willing to work for the things we want the most. Not just by asking for it, but by working for it and then buying it on our own when the right time comes.

Others would ask, why not just buy it ourselves immediately? I guess it’s because we need assurance that it is the one we really want or need. And working for the things we want the most, it kinda feels like a great achievement when we were finally be able to buy that item we wanted.

It makes us happy, that we achieved one of our dreams, be it small or large dreams, that important thing is that we achieved our dream.

As time passes, we learn that not all material things can give us happiness. We learn to yearn for other things other than material ones. We wish for safety of our friends and families, blessings, for a family member to come home, we wish for a friend, a family, a safe journey, we wish to find the love of our lives and happiness with them, we start to wish for others; our friends, our families, our special someone, and then we start to wish for strangers; street children, other people in the sreet, people with no homes and families, and last but not the least, we wish for happiness and peace. Not only for us, but to others as well.

See how writing letters to Santa can change each and every one of us? When we learn to ask for something for ourselves, we learn to ask for something for others. And then we learn to give to others; giving them hope, and making some of their dreams come true.

Happy Christmas! 🙂

(Sorry for the late Christmas Post. :P)