Something I wrote the night before last. To you, I hope you like it…

Sleep, my darling Baby.
Rest those eyes so teary.
Let the morning’s sun dry your tears.
Let the morning rain wash away your fears.

Sleep, my darling, Baby.
for tomorrow is another day.
Rest your heart so weary,
Let me take those pains away.

Sleep, and let your mind wander,
Into dreams you ever wonder.
Rest, my beautiful Baby.
I’ll help you with your pains so heavy.

Relax, my weary Baby.
I’ll dry away your tears.
Relax that heart so beaty
Caused by hurts, and pains and fears.

Sleep, my darling Baby.
I will take care of you.
I’ll take on any enemy,
to prove my love is true.

Rest that heart so weary,
Dry those eyes so teary.
Sleep my darling Baby.
And tomorrow, I’ll make you happy.