“What time is it?” “Is it time to go?” “What time are you coming?” “Is it time already?” “Time flies when you’re having fun.” “Pressed for time” “Time is gold.” But what time really is, for me, is precious. And I think, it should be to anyone who is living right now, in this world of rush hours, and late times, with a lot of over times and too little time to get to know the world. A world full of memories, laughter, happiness, and lessons that we just pass through because we are too eager to make it in time. A deadline which we gave ourselves to do the things we have to do. But not the things we  need to do. 

Time itself does not run out, as opposed to the expression “Time is running out.” What instead runs out is life. That is why most of us would plead for more time. More time to do our projects, more time to spend with our friends, more time before the deadline. More time to spend with our loved ones. The  only problem is sometimes, we disregard the importance of time. We want it to speed up. Or we want it to slow down. Others, would want it to stop. Because of “Time running out”

Speed it up!

There are moments when we would want to speed up time. We can’t wait for certain dates, we can’t wait for certain months, we can’t just wait for time to pass by. We get impatient when we wait in line for too long. We get bored waiting for our turn. And, to some of us who remembers, “Well I just can’t wait to be king!” (For those of you who don’t know, it’s a song from the 1990’s movie The Lion King) It just shows that people are impatient to move on with life. A life that runs on schedules, charts, and graphs, that never goes out of bounds. A life where going to the destination immediately is more important than going to the destination at all.

We want to speed up time to much that we sometimes miss the chance to live life to the fullest. Kids liked to be “all grown up” just to experience grown up things that they do not get the chance to experience childhood. Playing out in the streets, playing with other children, with their toys, and not worrying about anything. We want to speed up time that eventually, it “runs out” on us…..

Slow down…

And that’s the moment we ask it to slow down. When we’re going to be late for a meeting, a class, an appointment, a deadline, we ask time to slow down. Then why did we just asked it to speed up? When a lot of things is already too late for us to do because of the speed of time, we ask it to slow down. We ask time to take it slow because there are still things we have to do. Because there are still thing we need to do. A birthday is coming and we ask time to slow down because we still haven’t found a gift. We are late for a meeting and we ask time to slow down because we have somwhere to go to first. Eventually, it leads us to ask for more time.

More time to reconcile with loved ones we’ve hurt or forgotten. More time to do things we want to do before “time comes”, more time to be with the person we love, more time to be with the family we cherish,more time with the friends we trust, more time lo live life to the fullest. More time to live.

Stop. Just……stop

“There is a reason God limits our days. To make each one precious..”
-The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom, 2012
(Image from http://mitchalbom.com/)

And then, like all mortals living in this rat race of a world, we ask it to stop. To never move forward. To have a moment, even just a single, precious moment we have, to stop momentarily just so we could cherish every bit of it, until to the last second, to the very core of that moment. Until all emotions sink in, until all the feelings have been felt, until all our wishes and desires have been fulfilled, we hope that time itself stop. For our benefit, and for the benefit of others who would want it. Who wouldn’t want it? A moment where you never get to age, never get old, never weaken, never have to see loved ones lost to sickness, to wars, to fights, to crimes, to death? Who would want a single moment over a life’s worth of experiences, moments, lessons and love?

We know we can’t stop time. Eventually, it’s times up. We can only make it last. Cherish every moment. Every laughter, tear, happiness, sadness, fear, triumph, love, hate, lessons in life, and the most important persons in our lives..

And, in the midst of this all….

We would want to turn it back. We would want to go back in time, to cherish the moments we had before. And there are times when we would want to turn back time because of the moments we missed. The people we want to be with, the moments we want to go back in to, the loved ones we had no time before. Mostly, the reason we want to turn back time is because of regrets. Regrets of not being able to be with the our loved ones before, not being be able to be there for the person we cherished the most, and especially, regret of having little time to cherish special moments in our lives, with our loved ones.

“There is a reason God limits our days. To make each one precious..” And that, I think, is the most important lesson in life we have to know and cherish.