I know I’m a bit late for father’s day, but it’s important for me to have this posted. I hope, to anyone who will read this, would treasure their fathers, just as how the child treasured her father in the song “Dance with My Fatherby Luther Vandross

We played our lives normally.
It was always just you and me.
No matter what, you were always there,
helping me up, with all that you can bear.

But suddenly, I was left paused,
while you forwarded yourself, and was lost.
I played my self and tried to find you,
I even slowed in case I missed you.

And then I found, it was the end of your reel,
I couldn’t figure out what to feel.
You could have slowed down
and stop our lives from having a frown.

But now, all I can do is request a rewind,
and paused you where you left me behind
so that we may continue to play
this lives we have until that day.

We can slow down this time,
and let our lives rhyme.
And we can be together
live our lives a little better.

But what can I do?
I couldn’t stop you.
All i could was stand and cry,
as your reel end and fly.

I was paused, shocked
I couldn’t think, I was blocked.
I could have tried to pause you.
To rewind and have a second chance too.

If only time could be rewound.
Then you will always be around,
if time could’ve stopped,
we could’ve been happy just as what you’ve hoped

That’s it! Thank you.