To my princess, thank you for everything. This is for you. 🙂

In a land not so far away,
you took my breath away.
when we met and I saw you smile,
I couldn’t help but stare for awhile

Every once upon a time
have their own happy ending
let ours be the same,
never ending, never bending.

Let this be our fairy tail,
let our story set sail
To a happily ever after
we use to dream about and ponder.

Let every night be our dreams,
then let it be our realm
where I can take your hand and hold it tight,
And dance with you by the moon light.

My love, won’t you stay with me tonight
And look at the stars in the sky so bright.
Won’t you be my princess tonight,
as I rode my horse and be your knight.

I’ll make this fairy tail last forever,
and we’ll have ourselves our happily ever after.
and tonight, as you sleep so tight,
I’ll be with you, my princess, tonight.