Life has thrown us a lot of different things throughout our lives. Some might be thrown to us again in the near future in bigger or smaller proportions, depending on what life feels like throwing. May it be paper balls, pebbles, sticks, stones, bricks, bowling balls, boulders, or even the world itself: life sure has a lot of ammo.

Buy not all the things life throws at us are as hurtful as the things above. Life might throw us cotton balls, rolled up tissues, pillows, things that not really hurts us. And other times, things that might benefit us like bread, butter, water, clothes, shelter, and medicine. We just have to learn which are we suppose to keep and which are suppose to be let go.

Life may throw problems at us but it’s not always like that. Sometimes there things thrown at us to make us happy, mainly the things we need as humans like love, affection, support, and other things we might need. Things that might help us continue living, healing us for all the hurt we have, and keeping us strong to live another day.

There are times when life throws us things that, not only hurts us, but wounds us too. Knives of heart breaks, darts of tears, bullets of anger, cannon balls of lies, and bursts of loneliness. That’s why we have medicines: to heal all the wounds and have it hurt no more.

Life is like a big ‘ol maze. And being hurt is something unavoidable. With every turn in every path, being hurt is bound to happen. We just have to choose a path where we could get little bit, sweet chunks of life. Little chunks that life has thrown to make the pale colorful the dark become lighter, and life a little bit sweeter.

Life may throw us sticks and stones, but it also throws us cakes and sweets. We just have to learn to appreciate the little bit, sweet chunks that life has given us to make the bitter a little bit sweeter. 🙂