Most of us in our family is a singer. None are professionals, but they do have the voice to be recognized. Most of us in the family sings ballads, singles or duets, whichever fits them or their mood. But mostly they sing old song from 80’s to 90’s depending on what the karaoke at home of offers. It’s how we usually celebrate any occation. With a lot of singing.

My aunts and uncles are the once who mostly sings, although some of my cousins also sing when the older ones got tired or something. And let me tell you, alot of them have great voices, including my dad. Every get together won’tbe included with out anyone singing. My dad may have been a great singer (even joining the choir one of my uncles are in to) but sadly I’m not. Oh I can sing, just not that great. and mostly out of tune.

It’s one of the thing I miss the most when I see them. My aunts and uncles. They always seem to be having fun singing together or every after on another. Especially when my dad sings. He never failed to surprise me when he sings.

It’s not the same anymore. oh, they still sing, but it doesn’t feel right. Right now they sing as if they are bored. It’s as if the soul of the song have been taken away from them. As if the lyrics lost its music. Before, when they used to sing, it’s as if they’re serenading the night while the moon and stars listen and watch in awe as my family members sing their way right into everyone’s heart.

Singing has been one of the most effective way of saying how one feels together with dancing, acting, writing a poem, drawing or painting, or even in capturing a photo rather than saying anything at all. Singing is one of the most used medium in saying how one feels or in conveying a message. A lot of filipino artists use this medium to convey their message to the Filipinos. 

So when there’s an opportunity to sing and “say what you feel” or “convey a message” don’t hesitate to take the mic and sing your heart out. Opportunities come once in a while. And when it comes,take it. You might not get another chance like that again for a long time.

On a lighter note, I tried singing tonight and it does not look, or sounds, good. ‘Til next time!