I’ve been living in this reality,
a world full of mistrust and misery.
Where all the people are lonely
with no hope they can see.

Misunderstandings has filled this world
affecting all, young and old.
I’ve been locked up in this world
chains and bars have been keeping hold.

It seems freedom is hard to come by,
and all that you can do is watch and sigh
as you look at this reality
don’t you wish for a world of fantasy?

I’d rather go to that world and see,
a world where I can be who I want to be.
Where everyone would be free,
where every lock would have a key.

Where everyone may do what they want,
to sing, to dance, to live, however they please.
Unlike the world they left where they can’t,
a world where war might never cease.

What if such world existed?
Would someone dare to go?
Would someone have resisted,
When it’s different from what they know?

It’s been lonely in this reality,
so I dare go into that fantasy
where everyone could be happy.
would someone care to join me?

I’ve been trying to escape reality,
going back and forth my fantasy
a world for every one to be happy,
a world where no one would ever be lonely.

but what ever escape I make,
I keep coming back to reality.
I know my fantasy’s a fake,
so I’ll wait till it’s the reality I see.

‘Til then, I have to settle with this reality.
Until my fantasy comes true,
I’ll just have to wait and see,
and leave this world when I get my cue.