A lot of people have been saying, that in order to have a good relationship, you have to be friends first. At kung para kayo sa isa’t-isa, eventually magkakatuluyan din. There’s even a few songs about having falling in-love with their best  friend or friend in completely different situations.

One song is “Lucky” by Jason Mraz. Tungkol sa pagiging in-love sa best friend niya and how lucky he is dahil sa bestfriend niya siya na in-love. The other song is “Paano na Kaya” by Bugoy Drilon. Tungkol naman sa takot niya na nain-love siya sa kaibigan niya.

Two different songs, artist, and results, but the same theme: Falling in-love with your friend. Sa unang song, tanggap nila ang pagiging in-love sa isa’t-isa. Meaning, they are all ready falling for each other, hindi lang inaamin. They were happy that they fell in-love with each other. Para sa kanila, they were lucky. Dahil siguro kilala na nila ang isa’t-isa. They have the same feelings for each other and now, they know they would be happy.

Sa second song, the singer is reluctant with falling in-love with his friend. Takot siya na ma reject. Hindi niya maamin ang nararamdaman niya dahil na rin sa takot na baka hindi na sila maging kaibigan kapag hindi siya tinanggap nito. Mahirap din umamin sa ganitong situation. 50-50 chance that your friendship falls apart.

It’s not easy falling in-love. There will always come a time when you might chicken out when admitting your feelings. Wala namang masama ma torpe. Lalo na pag sa kaibigan ka na in-love. Pinapahalagahan mo kasi yung friendship nyo e. Pero there are times when you’re lucky dahil mahal ka rin pala ng kaibigan mo. Lucky kasi, kaibigan mo na siya. You just took your friendship to the next level.

Being in-love with your best friend is like gamble. There’s one in ten that would be lucky to have his or her best friend accept their feelings. And after many attempts na na basted ka sa kaibigan mo, this time around, lucky na kaya?