As we all know, a coin has two sides or “faces” on it. the “heads” and “tails” side. Totally different with each other, and yet one cannot be without the other. Even if one side is smoothed over or scratched, there will always be two choices.

Harvey Dent from "The Dark Knight"

Take Harvey Dent for instance. The district attorney of Gotham and an ally of Batman. After having his face splashed with acid, he adopted the name Two-face, “choosing to bring about good or evil based upon the outcome of a coin flip.” And in the movie “Batman Forever,” Two-face used his lucky coin to decide whether to explode a bomb in the circus at the start of the film, or kill the heroes at the end. When he did not get the side of the coin with a lot of scratch, he flipped again and again until he got it. And yet the same coin caused his defeat in the end.

According to Wikipedia, Two-face uses his coin to make a decision because he can no longer make his own. He would always have two choices one being the “good” choice, the other being the “bad” one. Even as a villain, he would always have a choice not to do evil things, although he keeps on flipping the coin in order to have an excuse to do it anyway.

There’s no such thing as “no other choice.” As a girl who turns invisible once said to a surfer in silver, “there is always a choice.” We just don’t have the luxury of choosing otherwise because of the different factors affecting it. Would a robber take money from others if he’s rich? Would a kidnapper take a child for ransom when he’s got dough? Would an athlete lose if he’s already winning?

See, people do things for a reason. One would never steal if he has money. Unless of course, he’s “sick” or just greedy. One would always have a choice as to what he needs or wants to do. Whether to buy expensive, brand new stuff, or settle to 2nd hand stuff to choosing where one wants to work. There’s always a choice.

Harvey's Coin from "The Dark Knight"

Like the sides of a coin, everything is built in opposites. Yes and no, up and down, right and wrong, to speak or to be silent, being happy or sad. You won’t be given a situation wherein there’s only a single option. It will only look like it, but you’ll have other options available to you. You’ll just have to look for it.

Some people would choose to look at the negative side of things instead of the positive. They’d choose to be sad for no reason instead of being happy for a lot of reasons. And even though there is a reason to be sad, there are a lot more reason to be happy instead. It’s basically your choice how you will live your life. My friend, choose wisely.

Like the two faces of a coin, life is built with two choices. You only have to choose which side of the coin are you going to live by. Could you do it yourself, or are you like Harvey Dent? Flip a coin and see..