When the day turns to night
when the moon shines bright
when stars takes flight
don’t you ever lose sight.

Dream, and make your wish come true,
you know you’ll make it through.
Like the shooting star in the sky,
make you wish fly high.

You won’t need that shooting star.
You won’t need to to look too far
all you have to do is believe in you,
and know that you can make your wish come true.

And when the moon stops shining,
and the stars stops flying,
know that the day will be bright,
and you’ll have the biggest star in sight.

Hope, dream, your wish will come true.
You just have to believe in what you can do.
Don’t make a wish of fantasy,
instead, make a wish for reality.

Make a wish, it’s all up to you,
only you can make it come true.
Make a wish and believe,
that you’ll get the wish that you conceived