I couldn’t look away from you,
your smile, your laugh, it looks so true.
And now I couldn’t stay away from you,
’cause you kept me away from feeling blue.

You were there when no one else would be,
you kept me sane so that I would see
I don’t have to be as alone as me
and with just a smile, you set me free.

With just a smile, you took my heart away,
and now I’m asking, please would you stay?
With out you, I’m hanging by a thread,
from being sane to being insane instead.

With just a smile, I seem to let go
the reality of which I know
I started to seep into a fantasy,
where all there is, is you and me.

then, with out hesitation, you just left,
I should have accused you of theft.
Taking my heart with out permission,
do you wish for me to bow in submission?

But I guess I can’t blame you,
It was me who gave my heart to
it was my fault when I was falling
and you didn’t even have to do anything.

With just a smile, I fell for you,
With just a smile, you took my heart with you.
And since I can’t seem to get it back from you,
could you just take me too?