Being a student is one of the most important part in one’s life. For me at least. Why? Because it’s where a person experiences almost everything one can experience in life. There are times when you’re like working for a regular job when writing a thesis, anxiously waiting for your allowances as if you’re waiting for your salary, where you can go out and have fun just like Friday nights after work, frantically looking for materials to use for assignments and thesis as if you’re job hunting, and who can ever forget love problems as if you are going to be separated with your spouse?

But in reality, even with all this hardships, it’s actually one of the easier things in life. A time when all you have to think about is assignment that you haven’t done yet, quiz tomorrow, project for next month, recitation later, allowances coming from your parents, exam at the end of the month, and thesis for the next semester. How easy is that?

Yes, it’s probably hard, but to think that almost everything is being given to you, it’s a child’s play. The “real world” would be much harder. Job hunting with exceptional salary and one you would enjoy, budgeting your salary to make it last for your next one, some would also help their parents through their salary and having not so great co-workers. The factor that affect job hunting the most is the salary. You can never settle for so low when your work is too far. It would be hard to budget.

But there is one thing that would greatly affect not only our job hunting, but our whole life as well. You would have to study. Finish, do not finish, it’s up to you. But it’s always better to finish. That would be the first thing the employers would be looking for. It would be hard to find a job if you did not graduate, unless you have your own business where you can utilize your skills to the extreme, your going to have a hard time looking for work. Believe me. And it’s not just the skills. You would have to have the resources because no business is not with out capital.

It’s not being easy being a student, I know. You have a lot of things to deal with. But there are a lot of greater things in the world that you might have to deal with eventually, someday. And if you’re not prepared, what good will it do to your life? Will you be contented to just sit at home, waiting for grace? You have to work for it, you know. Even Juan tamad had to walk to the tree, lay down, open his mouth and wait for the fruit to fall. Yes he just lay down and waited for the fruit to fall, but he walked to where the fruit is. He just got tired.

A professor of mine once said, “You’re already 21, 22 and your still asking for allowances from your parents? Aren’t you ashamed? After graduation, you should be able to start supporting yourself already!” My professor is not actually fair on that. It’s not that easy to look for a job. But we must imply what that professor said in our lives. We should study well, finish, and find a decent work to be able to support ourselves. What, are you going to ask your parents for allowance when you already have your own family?