A lot of us are friendly. We often choose to be with friends, especially our closest ones, than with other people, and sometimes even our family. But How often are we also disappointed with them? Even though they’re our closest, there are times when we choose not to go with them. There are times when we rather talk with our other friends than our closest ones. There are also times when we are mad even with our best friend. Well, that’s life.We often dream of us being with our friends. Still connected, having fun, going out together and doing everything we used to do. It’s a good dream, actually. But there are times when we would lose some of them. Arguments,  misunderstandings, gossips, there are a lot of things that may cause this. You can always rekindle you friendship, but sometimes, it’s not the same. And other times, you just can’t.

There are people who, for some reason, becomes not much of a friend as you expected. You probably expected something because you had the same experience before. And that time, your friend was a friend. Helping you out, giving you advice, always talking with you or at least talks with you. Then, for no reason at all, or probably there is you just didn’t know, your friend ignores you. Then, you ignore your friend too. Then after sometime, your not friends anymore.

It’s not easy to lose a friend, especially a close one. There would always be regret of losing that friend. Either you regret it, or your friend or both of you do. The sad part is if neither of you do. That only means you were not really friends. Only some, though. There will always be some one who will stay as long as both of you wanted to.

There will always be someone from your friends you can trust and keep as your closest friend, whatever may happen. Two, three closest friends is enough. You don’t need to much. A hundred or a thousand friends is okay. But keep your closest to a minimum. You don’t want to lose them, don’t you?